Emily and Friends

Emily is a horse-crazy little girl who I know. When she was 4 years old, she told her mom that she wanted to take riding lessons. Sue started giving her lessons on Tina, our little 14 hand Arabian mare. When Tina’s arthritis got too bad for her to be ridden, Em switched to Tish who is 2 inches taller and has a bigger walk. This January we adopted Alibi, who is a retired racehorse. Now Em has a lesson on Tish, then a short lesson on Alibi. She’s ridden all of our horses at least once, but Alibi is hers.

Emily With Tina

Emily before her second ride on Tina

Emily Riding Tina

Emily used her bike helmet at first

Emily Picasso

Anyone can paint in the lines and follow the numbers, while an Artist dares to be different

Emily Riding Tina

Emily adored Tina

Emily Pondering

"Tina, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

Unsure Emily

"Are you sure, Miss Sue?"

Emilou Who With Tina

Emily likes when we dress up with the horses

Emily With Tina Claus

Emily giving Tina some fashion advice

Emily With Tina and Hearts

One of the last pictures of Em with Tina

Tish's Birthday

When Tish dropped an apple slice, Em showed her where it was.

Emily Walking Tish

Emily chatting with Tish about her birthday


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