B&W Pictures

When I was in college and majoring in architecture, I took a photography class. We shot in B&W because we did our own developing and printing, and the professor didn’t want any pretty snapshots. Since then I’ve felt that real photographers shoot in B&W. My camera was a Minolta SR-T 101 which I still have but no longer use. Here are a few of my favorites scanned from the original negatives.

Minolta SR-T 101

Old-school fully manual film SLR

Tree Trunks

Rough textured tree trunks

Bent Tree

This tree grew up as best it could between two buildings

Building Window

The sun reflected in a window reflected in a window

Tree Window

A nice collection of contrasts, again with the sun


Architecture as abstract art

Double Exposure

Someone tightened the film in my camera, causing this unintentional double exposure


My roommate, Barry, in an unplanned end of roll shot

Parked Cars

The sun on a packed parking lot

Parking Lot

An empty parking lot. I liked the sun burning through the trees


Reflections and contrasts


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