Treasure Hunt Challenge

Peter From and Lorena Masi organized a Treasure Hunt Challenge on Google+. Photographers had one week to take and submit a picture that met the requirements posted by Peter and Lorena. At the end of that time the photographers who qualified were given the assignment for the next week. I had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for each of the pictures, and I made it through all four weeks of the first challenge.



The requirements for the first picture were easy to get us started. The picture had to contain a person, a coffee cup, and a tree. My friend Steve posed after his daughter’s riding lesson. I have gotten compliments on the pose, which was his idea, and I suspect that he has done this before. For extra credit I chose a mug with a tree and a person on it.


Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ernst Stavro Bloferd and I am the head of the notorious criminal organization SPHINCTRE.

The challenge began to get difficult with Round 2. The required elements were a person, scarf, and sunglasses. In addition, we had to use the color red in a creative way and the picture had to have a James Bond feel. I posed as the villain Blofeld with his cat. His white Persian wore a diamond collar while my tuxedo Norwegian Forest Cat is sporting a tiara.

70 's Lounge Lizard

I am a wild and crazy guy, and I like to date the foxes.

The third round was similar to the second round. Picture elements were a person, building, hat, and gloves, the style was retro, and the mood was romantic. I dug out one of my old disco shirts and carried my lava lamp and other props onto my balcony. It was only 30F but I didn’t mind because I was laughing the entire time.

80's Hollywood

I’ll be Pretty in Pink and Back to the Future. It’s Risky Business to celebrate with Sixteen Candles.

We were not given any requirements for the final round. The primary theme was Hollywood and we had to choose a subtopic from 1980’s, horror, and glamour. I joked that I had used my glamour shot for Round 3. I decided to do a mashup of popular movies from the 80’s. The movies were Pretty in Pink, Risky Business, The Terminator, Back to the Future, Sixteen Candles, Star Wars (V and VI), and the Indiana Jones trilogy. I think the (unintentional) shadow looks like Indiana Jones. Darth Tater is looking up at me, waiting for me to blow out the candles so he can slice the cake with his light saber.


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