January 2012 — Mobile Phone

The January assignment was Mobile Phone to tie in with a promotion by one of the TDS sponsors. I rarely use the camera in my cell phone, so I took a few pictures for the contest. My phone is an HTC Incredible and it has an 8 MP camera.

Moon At Sunset

Moon At Sunset

I took some pictures of the moon through the trees with my Nikon D7000, then I took more with my cell phone.


Sunset at the Farm

This was a genuine shot. I was at the farm and the sky was so red and colorful that I had to take a picture of it. I also have pictures of a cat sleeping on my car, but they were not good enough to submit.


Community Center Entrance

I was waiting at the entrance of my community center to let people in. I spent the time taking pictures of the entrance area. I like this picture the best because it is sharp and clear.

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

A couple of months later I was in Washington, DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival and all I had with me that day was my cell phone.




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