August 2011 — Reflection

There were a whopping 36 entries for Reflection. Nearly all were of water with a handful of cars, buildings, and mirrors.

Dixie's Admirer

Dixie's Admirer

After I rode Dixie, I turned her loose while I took pictures of another rider. Dixie wandered around and stopped to admire herself in a mirror. I like how it looks like her reflection is looking out of the mirror.



This is one of my Impressionist pictures. The abstract look is caused by ripples in the water, not by post-processing. All I did was enhance the colors.



I noticed this puddle in a depression on a rock while a few of us were taking pictures of Kilgore Falls. I like the reflection, colors, and textures, plus the puddle looks a bit like a dinosaur’s footprint.



I was going to submit this photo before I took the previous picture. I inverted the picture to make the reflected trees upright.




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