We’re All Getting Older

The theme for the August photography club meeting at the Havre de Grace Library was We’re All Getting Older. I expected to see lots of pictures of old people, so I decided to have fun and do something different. To begin, I changed my title to Ferd Is Not Getting Any Older. Here are my entries, in the order that they were shown, and my comments as I displayed them.

Retired Mon!

Retired Mon!

The librarian’s original theme was Islands and Islanders. Since she had advertised both themes, I decided to include a picture of both. This car looks like it  opened one eye, saw the snow, and decided to go back to sleep. The license plate is from the U.S. Virgin Islands, which makes a nice contrast with the snow. Of course the Retired Mon! plate shows that the car’s owner is older.

Decrepit Datsun

Decrepit Datsun

I found this old Datsun on a photo walk, and even its cover is torn. I thought the faded red color was too distracting, so I converted it to B&W which makes it feel older. This photo was chosen as the favorite of my set.

Abandoned, broken down factory

Abandoned, broken down factory

This factory and its surroundings are old and abandoned. Instead of converting the photo to B&W, I used a Lightroom antique preset to give it a faded, aged look.

Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall Sign

I took this picture during last year’s trip to see the Rockettes’ Christmas Show. I feel you have to be a certain age to appreciate this sign.

Winsom Memory

Winsom Memory and Susan

Winsom Memory was 20 when I took this picture. (She’s 21 now.) She’s very small, spunky, and full of energy. People ask how big she is going to be when she grows up because she doesn’t look or act her age.


Lilly the Vamp

We gave Lilly new riding pants two days before she turned 5. Here she is modeling them, looking a lot older than 5.

Older Couple

Older Couple

I took this picture at a wedding. The couple celebrated their 57th anniversary a few days later, and this summer they reached 59 years together.

Still Life

Still Life

This still life was fun to set up and shoot. I told the group that before anyone said anything about parts being out of focus, I wanted to point out that old people don’t have good eyesight. The librarian jokingly told everyone not to vote for it as their favorite.

The overwhelming favorite of my set was the picture of the Datsun.


One thought on “We’re All Getting Older

  1. Jeannie Benner

    Loved the Datsun, too. Something about the cover just made it look older and frail. Like an old quilt wrapped around grandma. Still life really made me laugh though!


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