February 2011 — Loved One

Because of Valentine’s Day, the assignment was Loved One. I wanted to get a picture of Sophie hugging Dot (my cats), but it’s a lot easier to get the horses to stand still.

Tish and Alibi

Tish and Alibi

On January 30 we turned some horses loose in the indoor. Patricia Deere and Ironclad Alibi shared a tender moment after running around for a while.

Tina, Emily, and Tish

Tina, Emily, and Tish

Back in Easter, 2008, Winsom Valentine and Tish ganged up on Emily, who didn’t seem to mind.

Winsom and Susan

Winsom and Susan

Winsom Memory came back to us several months ago. Here Susan is giving her a big hug the day before Valentine’s Day.




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