First session of photography class

In the first photography class the instructor (Jack) reviewed what he went over in the Digital Photo I course. Some students had taken it, and some of us hadn’t. The main topic for the day was exposure. We learned about bracketing to catch the proper exposure, and Jack gave us some pointers for shooting portraits. Next we went outside and took pictures of each other in full sun, partial sun, full shade, etc. I already knew about bracketing but had never tried it. In addition to my camera’s manual, I had the Magic Lantern guide. I figured out how to turn on bracketing but not continuous shooting.

The idea behind bracketing is to take 3 pictures—one with the “correct” settings, one under-exposed, and one over-exposed. My Nikon lets me choose 2 or 3 pictures with exposures (Ev) ranging from 1/3 to 2 stops. If you also turn on continuous shooting, then the camera fires off 3 shots with a single press of the shutter button.

I tried the exercise but it was difficult to keep counting 3 shots.

The next day I turned on both bracketing and continuous shooting and practiced with Dixie. One of the photo sets is shown below. Notice how the second picture, which is the one under-exposed by 1/3 Ev, has better detail. Dixie’s light-colored coat tends to be slightly over-exposed or washed out in bright sunlight.

Normal exposure



I can set my camera to always adjust the exposure, and from now on I can compensate on bright days without having to take multiple pictures. It may not be obvious in this set, but Dixie was flicking her ears.


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